About Us

Welcome to Feel the Porsche, - your portal for renting legendary Porsche vehicles.

Our mission is simple: to allow you to experience the excitement of driving in a Porsche, whether you want to fulfill a dream for the weekend, or need a stylish companion for a special occasion.

We realized that not everyone has the opportunity to own a Porsche, but many of us long to experience this unique ride at least for a moment. Or are hesitating with the purchase of a Porsche vehicle and need to decide. And exactly for you, we have founded Feel The Porsche. The vehicles on our portal consist of various models, from classic to the most modern, ensuring that you find exactly what you are looking for. All our vehicles are in perfect technical condition and are prepared to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Connect with us and let yourself be carried away by the world of Porsche vehicles.


I fell for Porsche immediately after buying my first 911 model. They are fast, reliable cars with timeless design and incredible emotion. They bring joy to every age category. And that's why I decided to launch the Feel The Porsche portal, to bring a smile and fulfill a childhood dream for as many people as possible.


Andrej Šturc